Our animal friends in the Atlantic ocean are in danger. The Guardian reports that seismic airgun blasts would be allowed in the Atlantic ocean.

Whales and dolphins could die because of this
Duke univ. expert on ocean life says the air gun blasts could deafen whales and dolphins who rely on sounds to communicate and find food.

Why do they do that?
For oil and gas. Trump wants to open up US coasts for offshore drilling and seismic air guns are used to find oil and gas reserves to be drilled later on. The air guns are extremely loud (“like being at the centerpiece of a grenade blast”) and will be blasted every 10 to 12 secs non-stop for up to months.

That’s horrible, what can we do?
You can go to NRDC website and send a letter to your senator to stop off-shore drilling. We suggest all of you do that.

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