While Trump dominated the twitter-sphere and airwaves with his never-ending racist attacks, his admin officials continued to quietly but surely fuck us over. Last week, Trump’s EPA refused to ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide that’s linked to brain damage in children.

What is Chlorpyrifos?

Chlorpyrifos belongs to the same chemical family as Sarin, the neurotoxin used to kill dozens of people in Japan by the Aum Shinrikyo terrorists in the 90s and is already banned from household use.

The American Academy for Pediatrics, warned that continued use of Chlorpyrifos puts our future generations in danger with developing fetuses, infants, children, and pregnant women exposed to the most risk.

However, it’s still used widely in commercial farming for more than 50 fruit, nut, cereal and vegetable crops. In 2016, more than 640,000 acres were sprayed with chlorpyrifos in Cali alone.

That’s scary, why didn’t they ban it already?

Obama tried…In 2015, the Obama admin announced it would ban the pesticide after scientific studies conducted by the EPA came back with results that showed Chlorpyrifos could damage brain development in children. However, because the govt moves slowly, the ban wasn’t in full effect when Trump took over in 2017.

Fuck Obama, fuck children’s well-being, too.

Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt (who of course later stepped down due to corruption) wasted no time to discredit the findings of his own agency and oppose the ban. Dow Chemical, one of the makers of the pesticide, donated $1M to the Trump inauguration fund – coincidence? We think not.

Then last week, the new EPA chief Andrew Wheeler issued a final ruling to reverse the ban. TBH, this kinda backwards shit was expected when Trump installed the former coal-industry lobbyist at the top position of Environmental Protection Agency (in April, they refused to ban Asbestos, a known carcinogen) but putting children’s well-being in danger for corporate interests? That’s def a new low – even for this admin.


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