WSJ reported last Thursday that feds in NY have opened a criminal investigation into possible finance crimes of the Trump Inauguration fund. NYTimes later added that illegal foreign donations to the fund were also within the scope of the investigation. On Friday, ProPublica revealed that Trump Org, which owns Trump hotels, overcharged the inauguration committee – possibly violating tax laws.

So what’s up with this inauguration committee?

The Trump Inauguration Committee had trouble getting people to attend the ceremony but was very successful in getting money – raising record $107M total.  However, things got murky when it comes to accounting where all that money actually went

No wonder the feds are looking into it.

Ivanka Trump was in the middle of it.

Ivanka Trump was EVP of Trump Org. at the time and ProPublica says they have email evidence that she was directly involved in the decisions to make the inaugural committee pay way more than market rate for using the Trump hotel DC, effectively fattening Trump’s pockets with donation money.

Everything Trump-related is in trouble

Let’s recap with this video from CNN

And it now looks like his favorite daughter is involved in Trump inauguration committee investigation. And don’t forget Trump Jr. could face perjury charges and more.

At this point, it seems like the Trump family was practically an organized crime syndicate actually. Trump is already openly using mob boss lingo anyway – as he called his former lawyer Michael Cohen a “rat” yesterday.

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