Trump admin proposed a roll back of Clean Water Act last week – putting the drinking water of 100M people in danger

Why Trump hates Clean Water Act

All those investigations and personnel shakeups didn’t stop Trump from fucking the environment up some more. Trump has been against the Clean Water Act, which has been proven to drastically reduce pollution, for a long time – calling it a “horrible, horrible rule” back in early 2017. There are two reasons we can think of –  1) CWA was strengthened in 2015 by Obama, so naturally Trump hates it and 2) Gutting CWA would benefit his golf courses around the country.

Muddy waters for America

The Hill calls Trump admin’s revision to Clean Water Act a “huge gift to very powerful special interests — chemical companies, big agriculture, oil and gas firms, and shady real estate developers” as it would eliminate federal protection for up to 60% of US waters and wetlands. The revision also takes away people’s ability to sue when the states they live in fail to deal with water pollution as well.

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