NYTimes reports that the Trump admin will prevent scientists from making full predictions in the next National Climate Assessment report.

What is National Climate Assessment?

It’s the most comprehensive govt report on climate prepared by 13 federal agencies that gets published every 4 years. The most recent one was released last November and it painted a pretty depressing picture for the planet. Trump’s response to it, tho, was simply “I don’t believe it”.

Normal, decent human beings are capable of changing their beliefs when presented with scientific evidence that proves them wrong. Trump isn’t one of them – he’d rather bend the truth to fit his ‘cold winter = no global warming’ narratives.

Donnie putting his head in the sand and acting like it’s all good is one thing, but he’s now trying to bury our heads in it, too.

Trump admin’s plan to undermine it

From now on, the scientists who work on the report will not be allowed to present full climate change scenarios and will be forced to leave out the worst case ones. Moreover, predictions that go beyond 2040 will not be allowed, either.

Why 2040? Researches show that the earth will most likely heat up at about the same rate through about 2050. From that point until 2100, however, the rate of warming differs a lot with an increase or decrease in carbon emissions – so they don’t wanna see that.

On top of that, Trump appointed a well-known climate denier William Happer, who believes CO2 is being persecuted like Jewish people by Hitler-like environmentalists, to challenge the conclusion of last year’s report as well.

Why does Trump want to manipulate the report?

Trump knows the National Climate Assessment could be used against him in court as he’s trying to gut Obama’s federal regulations to curb planet-warming pollution from vehicle tailpipes and power plant smokestacks. After all, the report is an official government produced document.

So Trump went, ‘why don’t I just manipulate the report itself use it as a basis to push his other destructive policies?’

“Can’t use the report against me, now”

Meanwhile, in Europe, green parties made significant progress in last week’s EU Parliament election – grabbing second place in Germany and third in France and elsewhere. Lucky them.

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