Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, posts a tone-deaf tweet about his Myanmar trip.

Social network CEO disconnected from reality

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d at least have heard about Myanmar’s horrific ethnic cleansing by now. Apparently Dorsey, as the CEO of a global social network who has all the tools in the world to be informed about such matters, forgot about all of that when he posted the tweet below during his meditation trip (such a first-world cliché thing to do, btw) to Myanmar.

Tech-bros are not really your bros.

This isn’t the first time Jack Dorsey exhibited his tone-deafness towards harsh realities of everyday people. Dorsey, who’s worth $4.5B, recently complained that a new San Francisco tax law that would help the homeless people was unfair to his company. What’s funny is Dorsey has been saving 10’s of Millions in taxes thanks to a tax exemption called, no lie, “Twitter Tax Break” for years. Jack Dorsey, with his hipster beard and a nose ring, has been propped up as the face of new breed of moguls different from traditional billionaires. However, it’s becoming more and more evident beards and gray zip-up hoodies are just today’s versions of pinstripe power suits.

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