Doctors at Children’s Health and UT Southwestern in Dallas developed a VR technology to pinpoint the exact problem spots before they perform surgery on babies with congenital heart problems.

Immersive VR makes it possible to “be inside” babies’ hearts 

Nothing more heartbreaking than seeing newborn babies struggling with heart problems -which often times require doctors to re-arrange the heart anatomy. The problem is a baby’s heart is about the size of a walnut, making heart surgeries extremely high-risk.

To address this problem, doctors have recently turned to VR tech to create magnified 3D visuals before they enter the operating room. In 2016, doctors at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami used Google Cardboard VR, a headset that retails for below $20, to successfully plan surgeries for a baby that was born with only one lung with the left side of her heart missing. Stanford Children’s Hospital uses VR for heart surgeries as well. Here you can see 10 examples of VR/AR tech in medical use.

The tech Dr. Aashoo Tandon at Children’s Health and UT Southwestern in Dallas developed takes things further – he says with his immersive VR, the doctors now have “the ability to zoom in and be inside the heart.”

We’ve been voicing our concern about the reckless use of technological advancements but this right here? Deserves at least 5 min-long standing O.

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