Lawmakers could’ve grilled Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai about important issues (like, their recent data breach that affected 52M people, how they plan to develop AI, etc) but instead wasted everyone’s time asking stupid questions.

Republicans don’t like what they see when they Google themselves

The #1 agenda for Republicans was whether Google was biased against them. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said in an opening statement that they “need to be sure that any political bias within Google’s workforce does not creep into its workforce”. Rep. Lamar Smith, another Republican, asked Pichai about if Google employees were manipulating behind the scenes to mute conservative voices.

Google doesn’t think Trump’s an idiot, People do.

It was obvious that Republicans didn’t understand how Google search algorithm worked – so Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat, trolled them by asking Pichai why do pictures of Trump come up as top results when people type in “Idiot” (hint: because he’s an idiot). Another Democrat, Ted Lieu, chimed in and said “If you want positive search results, do positive things”.

iPhone by Google?

Then this happened. Steve King, the Nazi supporting congressman from Iowa, asked Pichai why his granddaughter’s iPhone was acting funny. Racist and stupid? Sounds Republican, right? He is.

Pichai had to explain to him that Google actually doesn’t make iPhones. Watch the exchange below.

Over 90% of searches are conducted on Google and lawmakers had the opportunities to find out where it’s headed and how best to regulate it. Instead, we found out how selfish and out of touch our politicians are.

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