Facebook is not satisfied with the data they have on us. This week, they acquired neural monitoring wristband company CTRL-labs for at least $500 million.

The mindreading wristband

CTRL-labs is developing wristbands equipped with neural interface tech. When its tech matures, we’ll be able to basically just wear the band on your wrist and just think – and then the band will work as an input device to the computer, phone, or whatever device we’re working with.

Bandz a make us dance?

Facebook is betting big on the whole AR/VR thing. It paid $2 billy for the VR headset company Oculus in 2014 and hopes the acquisition of CTRL-labs will give them another piece of the puzzle of Facebook-ruled AR/VR world. Facebook’s VP of AR/VR division Andrew Bosworth said of the mindreading wristband tech as “this is how our interactions in VR and AR can one day look. It can change the way we connect.”

FB’s ambitions don’t end there

In July, FB released an update on its brain-reading neural interface program. They say they’re trying to develop a headset that will read what you think plus AR/VR glasses that would be equipped with limited versions of brain-reading technology.

It’s not just FB that wants the machines to read our minds. Elon Musk recently showcased his plan to merge our brains with AI with his Neuralink project.

What about the downsides, tho?

Billionaire tech bros wanting to literally invade into our minds doesn’t really sound too exciting especially considering how dodgy Mark Zuckerberg’s record is when it comes to privacy. You’d think after paying billions in fines for privacy breach, Zuckerberg would hesitate about making a big purchase on even more invasive technology. But nah…dude ain’t wired like the rest of normal humans.

Message to Zuck

Tech giants already know too much about us anyway. With cams everywhere with facial recognition tech and GPS on our phones, our outside movements are being tracked every second. Now, with neural interface tech, if left alone to the hands of the tech companies w/o proper oversight and regulations, our innermost thoughts and feelings will one day absolutely be invaded and exploited. FB was caught recently selling our data to 3rd parties – that’s their fucking biz model. What is gonna stop them from selling our feelings to advertisers for dollars?

This shit is spooky fr fr.



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