Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress about his investigation on Trump-Russia connection.

Here’s what he said

Overall, though, Mueller was pretty low energy but then again, he’s a dude in his 70s who didn’t even want to do this testimony in the first place. Should he have been clearer and more direct? Yes, but it is what it is at this point.

“Exercise those responsibilities swiftly and don’t let this problem continue to linger”

Mueller did manage to put the ball deeper in Dem’s court regarding impeachment, though. Check out his answer below when he was asked about what he wanted the American people to get out of his report.

“a signal, a flag, to those of us who have some responsibility in this area, to exercise those responsibilities swiftly and don’t let this problem continue to linger”

Translated in non-lawyer language, it pretty much means “get on with it!”

Dem leadership still pump faking, tho. 

Dem House leader Nancy Pelosi again refused to get the ball rolling saying there are still “some outstanding matters” she wants to see before moving forward.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff also added that at this point the only way to remove Trump is to vote him out and that Dems should instead focus their energy on winning the 2020 election – saying that Dem’s efforts “need to be made in every respect to make sure we turn out our people”.

However, a majority of Dem 2020 candidates including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker called for impeachment yesterday following Mueller’s testimony. If voting Trump out is really the answer, why TF would the candidates themselves support impeachment when that energy could be used to help them? Also, how is letting Trump the hook gonna encourage high voter turn out? Maybe the Dem leadership are just…

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