Trump’s former campaign chairman and now an inmate Paul Manafort met with founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange.

Why is it important?
Wikileaks leaked 1000’s of DNC emails hacked by Russian spies to hurt Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid. It’s now reported the founder of Wikileaks met with Manafort, then advisor and later chairman of Trump campaign earlier that year. Sounds fishy, right?

Give me some background on Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort is a shady character. How shady? Before Trump, he was an advisor to Ukraine’s pro-Russia president who was so corrupt he had to flee the presidential palace. He’s also a type of dude to enjoy forcing his wife to have sex with other guys and his own daughters believe he caught some bodies, too. Not surprising he ended up behind bars after living the criminal lifestyle to the fullest.

And Assange?
Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks known for peddling Russian propaganda and being accused in a sexual assault scandal. Recently, it’s been uncovered that the US Gov indicted him secretly. He’s hiding at the Ecuadorian embassy in London right now.

Okay, two shady dudes met up, so what?
The focus of the Trump-Russia investigation is to see whether Trump campaign and Russia conspired to affect the 2016 election. Now we know the top guy at Trump campaign (Manafort) and the main mouthpiece of Russian propaganda (Assange) met up just months before the infamous DNC email hack and Wikileaks dump (which Trump and Trump Jr. loved). This is yet another piece of circumstantial evidence that points toward that there was indeed collusion.

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