Putin & MBS are Rich Gang

Over the past weekend at G20 Argentina, the world saw Putin dapping up Mohammad Bin Salman like how a proud OG would greet an up and coming gangster. These two dictators have a lot in common, such as ordering cartel-style murdersbeing filthy-rich off national resources, and having leverage over Trump. The world always had its share of no good dictators but them flexin’ on a world-wide stage like that? Well guess that’s life in 2018.

(Where Putin & MBS got their style from)

Trump felt left out and dipped

Trump was planned to have a meeting with Putin but he had to cancel it (still met unofficially) because it’s just not a good look to meet up with the Russian president after they invaded Ukraine recently and also, what happened at Helsinki. Not happy he didn’t get to hang out with his dictator homies, Trump was seen dipping on an official photo op with Argentinean president Mauricio Macri. Pretty wild weekend all in all – and  Jim Carrey’s tweet (you should follow him, btw) sums it up perfectly.

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